Replace and Reduce Opioid Use with Medical Cannabis

Replacing opioids with medical cannabis is at the forefront of modern day medicine and saving lives (JAMA Intern Med. 2014) .Not only can medical cannabis help your actual physical pain, it supports the psychological components of well-being that contribute to long-term opioid reduction and/or abstinence.  At Seven Point, we help to translate and integrate scientific research, medical cannabis knowledge, and psychosocial community support into a technically sound cannabis treatment plan.

To begin the process of replacing or reducing opioids with medical cannabis, Dr. Sulak from offers guidance about what forms of cannabis to use and when. He recommends that alongside every dose of opioids taken throughout the day to include a dose of medical cannabis in a tincture or oil form. The synergy of both cannabis and the opioid can increase pain relief while increasing or widening the safety threshold of the opioid ( 2017 Aug). For cravings and breakthrough symptoms, Dr. Sulak recommends vaporizing or smoking cannabis flower, in place of using a vape pen or dabbing a concentrate, as cannabis flower provides a full range of compounds that may produce a more robust medical effect.

Let us know if you would like more information on this topic. We will guide you to the various types of products that adhere to Dr. Sulak’s ‘How to Use Cannabis to Reduce and Replace Opioid Medications’ guidelines and provide you with written material including resources for your own self-study. Seven Point Lunch & Learns emphasis a positive, interactive, and supportive community-network where our clients and those of you waiting for your cards are always welcome to attend and connect with others who have similar medical cannabis interests and goals.  Come and learn more about medical cannabis dosing, strains, ratios, formulations, and delivery methods while forming positive social connections with others. We are all about creating a supportive community of healing and wellness.

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Written by Amy Lee, LCSW