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We will kick off our Seven Point blog by sharing with you everything you need to know to get registered quickly and efficiently! We have always, since the inception of the Medical Cannabis Pilot Program, been committed to raising awareness about this program and increasing the number of patients that have access. We see over 300 patients each week at Seven Point and witness first-hand the clear benefits of medical cannabis that lead to an increase in quality of life. We also know that there are many obstacles and barriers to gaining access to medical cannabis and that there is an extremely large number of patients who could tremendously benefit from this natural medicine, but who are not aware of the program or may feel overwhelmed by the rigid, multi-step application process.

To make this application process as smooth and efficient as possible, we regularly hold education & registration workshops here at Seven Point as well as at two nearby libraries, offering both daytime and evening options. Every Thursday afternoon we host these workshops in our Seven Point community room, from 1-2:30pm, immediately next door to our dispensary. In addition to our regular Thursday workshops at Seven Point, we alternate between the Berwyn and Westchester Public Libraries, offering a workshop each week in the evening from 6:30-8pm. Check out our workshop schedule . 

At these workshops, we always have fingerprinting/background check, passport photo, and application completion services available.  We waive the fingerprinting fee for those living in Oak Park, as a community service, and compensate those who live outside of Oak Park by providing $60 worth of coins that can be redeemed at Seven Point, once you receive your card, that equal the cost of the fingerprinting and passport photo services. Our outreach team provides support throughout this process, helping you to get registered quickly and efficiently. We do not charge any additional fees for facilitating this process as this support is a free service that we are proud to offer.

Please keep in mind that there are two separate parts to this application process- 1) The Physician Certification process and 2) the Qualifying Patient application process (your part). We highly recommended to begin the Physician Certification process before completing your part of the application. The Physician Certification Form is valid for only 90 days from the date of the in-person medical examination. You will not receive any notification from the state that your Physician Certification has been received. Once your doctor completes the Physician Certification Form, it is then time for you to begin your part of the application process by attending one of our workshops.


The Nuts and Bolts of attending a workshop

Please bring the following!

Qualifying Patients and Caregivers:

-Utility bill (water, cable, electric, gas, cell phone), bank statement, or any document that would be accepted at the DMV for driver’s license renewal

Payment for fingerprinting/background check and passport photo services:

  • At our library locations we have contracted with a licensed live scan fingerprinting service who accepts cash or credit card for the $62 fee for fingerprinting, background check, and passport photo fees. You will be given $60 worth of coins to be redeemed at Seven Point.
  • At our Seven Point workshop location, we accept cash or check for the $60 fee for fingerprinting/background check and passport photo services. We waive these fees for those living in Oak Park. If you live outside of Oak Park, you will be given $60 worth of coins to be redeemed at Seven Point.

Payment for the state application:

  • Patients: The state application fee must be paid with a check or money order and made payable to IDPH. Fees- $100 for 1 year, $200 for 2 years, and $250 for 3 years. Veterans and those enrolled in SSDI or SSI get a 50% discount with the required documentation.
  • Caregivers: The state application fee must be paid with a check or money order and made payable to IDPH. Fees- $25 for 1 year, $50 for 2 years, $75 for 3 years, and $75 for a Caregiver applying separately for a patient who has already been registered (the expiration date for the caregiver and the patient card will be the same).


  • If enrolled in SSDI or SSI, bring your current Benefit Verification letter stating the type of benefits you are receiving. ( Qualifying Patient Application form) see bottom page 2.
  • If you are a Veteran and receiving care through the VA, bring your medical records from the VA from the last 12 months (on a CD) stating your Qualifying Condition. Additionally, bring your DD214 (
  • If you are a veteran not currently receiving care through the VA, you will still receive the discounted application rate by providing your DD214.

Your physician will mail in the Physician Certification Form  directly to the address provided on the form.  Your application and the Physician Certification Form will then meet at the Department of Public Health where your card will be processed. You will then be mailed a Medical Cannabis Registry Card. Join one of our Lunch & Learns while you wait for your card!

Do you need to find a doctor? will certainly help! Simply type in your zip code and you will find doctors in your area who are familiar with the multiple benefits of medical cannabis. Feel free to call the doctor office and ask any specific questions that you may have.

We are here to support you through this entire process! What questions do you have for us? Where are you in this process? Are there any tips you would like to share regarding the registration process?









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